Thursday, March 1, 2007

February Progress Diary

Week ending February 5th
140.6 miles, 205 pounds
This was my biggest mileage week yet, and I am feeling stronger! However, the weather is keeping me inside, and the garage is getting tougher to handle. Weight not cooperating either at this point.

Week ending February 12th
139 miles, 203 pounds
Another great week of training. Spin class seems to be my best simulation for climbing and it is getting easier. Weight is moving downward again.

Week ending February 19th
122.0 miles, 203 pounds
Happy Valentines Day! Unfortunately it was not a great one for us; my Grandmother, Lucille Irvin, passed away at 93 years old. Up until 30 days ago, she was able to live at home. She had a good long life, and I was very blessed to have her in my life. I am confident she will be doing all in her power to help me up those tough hills in Colorado in May.

Week ending February 26th
124.3 miles, 201 pounds
Major update this week was from my annual physical. It appears all this exercise does pay off, pulse, blood pressure and EKG all showed positive results. Challenge in training this week is fatigue. Just a bit tired from the day in/day out workouts. Going to try getting a bit more sleep and see if it helps. Otherwise, I may increase the length of time in each workout, but back off frequency. This would have the secondary benefit of increased time on the bike. (like the big day!)

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Sammy said...

Good Luck Andy make the 6 a.m. class proud!!! I can't wait for my T-Shirt! See ya soon