Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28th, 2007 - 2 days after the ride

Well, it is all finished now; what an incredible day it was! We arrived in Durango on Thursday the 24th. After a brief warm-up ride, Liz and I drove the course. After seeing what I was going to try to do in 48 hours . . . let's just say I was aprehensive. Saturday did finally arrive, and the ride started. The steam whistle started us off; 1000 riders and the train started all at once. Our trip through the San Juan mountain range was quite challenging. 25 miles in, we started a 6 mile climb up to 10,600 feet. With 1 1/2 miles to go in that climb, I started getting cramps. My hamstrings, my calves, and my quads all decided to cramp at the same time. with 20 miles yet to go, and 1.5 left in this particular climb, I wasn't sure how I would make it. I did some on bike stretching and drank more than I wanted of my electrolyte beverage and things got enough better that I was able get to the rest stop at the top of this hill. I ate bananas and filled up my water bottle and was on a 4 mile downhill only to be followed by 4 miles back up to 10,900 feet. with 1.5 miles to go on this climb, the cramps came back, only worse. At this point, the only thing that kept me going was the thought. . . this is easy compared to what the Make-a-wish kids & families have to go through. I reached the top and then hung on and enjoyed the ride down into Silverton. I completed the ride 5 minutes faster than I thought I would at 3 hours and 55 minutes. However, the train arrived in Silverton a bit before I did. As the Cubs fans say, "There's always next year"
It was an incredible day and a wonderful experience. I want to thank everyone for all the kind words, thoughts, prayers and donations. I could not have completed this without the support! The picture shows me 10 minutes after the ride with the mountains I just climbed behind me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Week ending May 6th

168 miles, 195 pounds -My largest mileage week ever capped off by a 63 mile ride out of Pauls Valley Oklahoma. The Valley Rally went through the Arbuckle Wilderness which included some challenging climbs and as always, the mighty Oklahoma wind. A great ride to cap off a great week of training. In addition, we’re ever so close to meeting our 3 wish goal of $18,000. Another $500 in donations, and we’ll be there. I feel very lucky to have so many people supporting me. Thank you all!

Week ending April 30th

156 miles, 196 pounds - When you ride over 3,500 miles preparing for a ride, it stands to reason that there will be days that just don’t work out so well. That was Saturday of this week. 20 miles into a 70 mile ride, I had a tire blow out. No harm, I carry and extra tube, so I changed it. Another 10 miles, and that one goes. I guess I wasn’t meant to ride that day. It did, however, inspire some new tires/tubes and other maintenance to ensure a great ride in Colorado.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Week Ending April 23rd

151 Miles, 195 pounds
This week included a 30 mile ride through the Arizona desert with Dave Probst (the guy who talked me into this whole thing) as well as mountain biking on the trails of South Mountain in Phoenix. I capped off the week with a 30 mile ride in Oklahoma that included a tire blowout. All in all, it was a fun week.

Week Ending April 16th

132 Miles, 195 pounds
Another great week of training capped by the Redbud Classic. Starting at 7:00AM. 35 degrees with 20 to 30 MPH winds, we rode 50 miles. It was a good ride and puts me one step closer to the Iron Horse. Donation still continue to grow with a total at $13,244. Thanks to all.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Week ending April 9th

130 miles, 197 pounds
A good week of workouts including some fun mountain biking in the desert of Arizona. I’ve not done a lot of mountain biking, but it was fun and challenging. In addition, donations have been outstanding. Our current total is just short of $12,000. Thanks again to everyone!

Week ending April 2nd

64 miles, 200 pounds
From a workout standpoint, this was the worst week I’ve had in months. A combination of higher priorities kept me from my normal workouts. I’m pretty sure the weight is a direct relation in this case. I am, however, sure that it will get better next week.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Week ending March 26th,

140.4 miles, 196 pounds
The week ended in a 53 mile ride most of which into a 30 mile an hour wind. It was a great workout and a very good test for the Iron Horse. I did not have the altitude to worry about, but otherwise a good test. Contributions continue to pour in. The total, with matches from the sponsors are now over $9,000. Thanks to all!!!

Week ending March 19th

123 miles, 197 pounds
I could not get outside this week, but had good workouts. Donors continue to amaze me with generosity, continued thanks to all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Week ending March 12

147 miles, 198 pounds
Another great week! I finally got some miles in outside as well as some incredible generousity for MAW! As of the end of the week, with Donor matching, we're over $3400! Well over halfway to our first wish! THANK YOU to all who’ve donated and those who plan to!
With deference to Holly Hunter, "Turn to the right" and you can see how we're progressing.

Week ending March 5th
144 Miles, 199 pounds
What a great week! Lots of miles, including 40 on Saturday as well as the first time under 200 pounds in a long time. In the picture, you can see I'm sporting the O.U. colors training in the garage! On top of the training side, I started receiving donations this week, and am overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity. Many have sent emails telling me what is coming, other brought checks and forms to my desk. It is a honor and blessing to be able to do this for the MAW kids! Thank you all for the help. Next week, I’ll start posting a progress chart on the way to “Three Wishes”!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

February Progress Diary

Week ending February 5th
140.6 miles, 205 pounds
This was my biggest mileage week yet, and I am feeling stronger! However, the weather is keeping me inside, and the garage is getting tougher to handle. Weight not cooperating either at this point.

Week ending February 12th
139 miles, 203 pounds
Another great week of training. Spin class seems to be my best simulation for climbing and it is getting easier. Weight is moving downward again.

Week ending February 19th
122.0 miles, 203 pounds
Happy Valentines Day! Unfortunately it was not a great one for us; my Grandmother, Lucille Irvin, passed away at 93 years old. Up until 30 days ago, she was able to live at home. She had a good long life, and I was very blessed to have her in my life. I am confident she will be doing all in her power to help me up those tough hills in Colorado in May.

Week ending February 26th
124.3 miles, 201 pounds
Major update this week was from my annual physical. It appears all this exercise does pay off, pulse, blood pressure and EKG all showed positive results. Challenge in training this week is fatigue. Just a bit tired from the day in/day out workouts. Going to try getting a bit more sleep and see if it helps. Otherwise, I may increase the length of time in each workout, but back off frequency. This would have the secondary benefit of increased time on the bike. (like the big day!)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Progress Diary

Here's some of the great artwork that's been created for the t-shirts.

Week ending January 1st,
104 miles, 208 pounds

Another holiday week ending training, but got a few more miles in.
Week ending January 8th, 110 miles, 208 pounds
Better training now back to the rollers and a short ride outside. The weight is still flat, but I am sure it will get rolling again very soon.

Week ending January 15th,
102 miles, 205 pounds
Yes! The weight is coming off again. Spin is getting easier now and I am able to get a better workout.

Week ending January 22nd,
110.8 miles, 204 pounds
The ice is here, and there is no riding outside for a while. Other than that, good mileage on rollers, spin and elliptical and a pound down.

Week ending January 29th,
118.6 miles 203 pounds
The workouts are going very well now. Did almost 60 miles on the rollers and 60 in spin class. The week was very good from the workout side, and the weight is coming along slowly.