Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Progress Diary

Here's some of the great artwork that's been created for the t-shirts.

Week ending January 1st,
104 miles, 208 pounds

Another holiday week ending training, but got a few more miles in.
Week ending January 8th, 110 miles, 208 pounds
Better training now back to the rollers and a short ride outside. The weight is still flat, but I am sure it will get rolling again very soon.

Week ending January 15th,
102 miles, 205 pounds
Yes! The weight is coming off again. Spin is getting easier now and I am able to get a better workout.

Week ending January 22nd,
110.8 miles, 204 pounds
The ice is here, and there is no riding outside for a while. Other than that, good mileage on rollers, spin and elliptical and a pound down.

Week ending January 29th,
118.6 miles 203 pounds
The workouts are going very well now. Did almost 60 miles on the rollers and 60 in spin class. The week was very good from the workout side, and the weight is coming along slowly.