Thursday, April 26, 2007

Week Ending April 23rd

151 Miles, 195 pounds
This week included a 30 mile ride through the Arizona desert with Dave Probst (the guy who talked me into this whole thing) as well as mountain biking on the trails of South Mountain in Phoenix. I capped off the week with a 30 mile ride in Oklahoma that included a tire blowout. All in all, it was a fun week.

Week Ending April 16th

132 Miles, 195 pounds
Another great week of training capped by the Redbud Classic. Starting at 7:00AM. 35 degrees with 20 to 30 MPH winds, we rode 50 miles. It was a good ride and puts me one step closer to the Iron Horse. Donation still continue to grow with a total at $13,244. Thanks to all.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Week ending April 9th

130 miles, 197 pounds
A good week of workouts including some fun mountain biking in the desert of Arizona. I’ve not done a lot of mountain biking, but it was fun and challenging. In addition, donations have been outstanding. Our current total is just short of $12,000. Thanks again to everyone!

Week ending April 2nd

64 miles, 200 pounds
From a workout standpoint, this was the worst week I’ve had in months. A combination of higher priorities kept me from my normal workouts. I’m pretty sure the weight is a direct relation in this case. I am, however, sure that it will get better next week.