Saturday, December 30, 2006

December Progress Diary

Week ending December 4th,
105 miles, 209 pounds – again
Started spin class this week. Good workout, and good for climbing simulation. On the weight side, I guess the turkey from last week caught up to me.

Week ending December 11th,
120.4 miles, 206 pounds
Three pounds this week, so great progress. Also, most total miles for a week yet. Sunday featured a ride outside into a 35 mph wind. Into the wind I averaged about 13 mph. With the wind, 33 mph.

Week ending December 18th,
112.7 miles and 208 pounds
The Christmas season has started, and hopefully I can just keep level for a few weeks. Workouts are consistent and seem to be showing progress. Also was able to do a 31 mile outdoor ride this weekend. Great ride, feeling good!

Week ending December 25th,
80 miles, 208 pounds
It is harder to get in the workouts with all the travel, but still doing okay. I should be back to normal workouts soon.